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Updated: Jun 1, 2020

While still being good quality fabric, deadstock is essentially no longer required fabric for it’s intended purpose but can be passed onto others who can appreciate it.

There are a few places where deadstock can be found. A majority of time it is excess stock from a designers run. There are a few companies who purchase the stock and on sell it to the public. Places such as Rathdown Fabrics, which include their own stock all season round and additional excess stock from others. Clearit is another example, who work with a few companies, selling there excess clothes as well as fabric.

Other times it is because a business may have closed or is moving and they are required to off load current stock.

By purchasing deadstock it increases the level of unique designs as a limited amount can be purchased. It also increases the level of thought required to design the optimum outfit. Quantity and fabric type plays an important role in this.

Sourcing material this way ensures we are helping to alleviate issues within the industry as well as helping the environment.

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