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Create your ultimate space

Come along a ride with me to create your ultimate space.

Do you think about creating a fun space, but are not to sure were to start.

Comfort is a wonderful way to start.

Thinking about what type of cushions you would like, some floor cushions, a day bed, maybe even lifting an existing couch with new cushion covers.

The process starts with discussing your requirements.

  • Colours, fabrics, patterns

  • Comfort type, soft, medium or firm

  • Dimension and quantity

  • A sketch

A transparent quote will be provided which will layout the material and labour required to complete the project, along with payment terms and of course a time frame.

Once the quote is accepted the process will commence.

Material and foam will be sourced and making the product will commence. Through out the process you will be notified about how things are coming along.

And of course if you are happy to share I would love to share photos of your space on social pages.

If you are thinking about creating a space feel free to contact me so we can discuss things further.

Would love to make your dream space a reality.



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