Seamstress Philosophy Artisan

Stephanie, creator of Seamstress Philosophy is conscious of the world around, choosing to create clothing and accessories from natural fibre. Sourced from remnants and deadstock. Made locally here in Melbourne Australia.

The inspiration to create has been running through Stephanie’s veins from a young age. To visualise a garment and create it is a treasured experience for her. Being inspired by the world around, by those who are not afraid to step out into the world and say this is me. To shine in the most wonderful of ways.


Stephanie is a self-taught seamstress. For the past twenty years experimenting, repeating techniques, reading patterns, deconstructing existing garments to refine her skills as a seamstress.


As confidence grew, unique patterns were designed and comfortable garments created.


These days Stephanie starts the journey by going on treasure hunts to find natural fibres which can be turned into breathable and comfortable clothing.


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