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Seamstress Philosophy Creations

Handmade Clothing & Accessories

from Natural Fibres

To confidently step out into the world, knowing heart has been placed into each garment. Each piece uniquely touched with loving hands. With the world in mind sourcing natural fabric remnants, saving deadstock, and bringing life to fabric that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Feature Clothes

Handmade from Natural Fibres

​​Keeping it small, sustainable, and true to the world of slow fashion. Each garment is made with creative hands, a heart filled with joy, and a strong mind paving the way to a better world.

Small batches of twenty pieces are made at a time. Searching for others who are of a like mind and who want to feel empowered within the clothes they wear. To share the tale of each garment, to support an artist, and be consciously aware of the environment.


Rabbit in the Strawberry Patch

The fabric for this open back dress is 100% cotton and was sourced from a seamstress and a patchworker. The rabbit fabric was originally manufactured by Marshall Dry Goods from the Storybook Collection Tiny Toodles Peter.

With buttons for the top section and press snaps for the lower section of the dress, it’s easy to slip on and includes two functional pockets in the skirt section.

Feel the Muse

This edgy top is reversible, a flaring Jazz mash-up on one side and a more laid back classic dot piece on the other. The 100% cotton fabric was sourced from a patchworker. The instrumental fabric named Jazz City Nightlife, designed by Art of Possibility and manufactured by Free Spirit. The dot fabric named Lolli Dot and manufactured by Michael Miller Fabrics.

Oriental Flow

The cut and the style of this garment is designed to be worn by various size and shape people. Either to be warn open or closed. It has the ability to drape over the body and while it is lends itself to comfort it can be worn out showing off the flaring array of patterns and colours.


The Process

Creating Wearable Art

Exploring for fabric, indeed, it’s similar to finding treasure. The fabric is often sourced from fellow seamstresses who have their own label and are de-stashing. Other times it comes from designers who have a few meters leftover from a seasonal run. Occasionally it comes from companies who are closing down.

Once the fabric is sourced it is washed to allow for the 10% reduction in size, then sorted into material type and suitability.

The garment style and cut is made with the fabric type, colour and section size in mind. Each piece is a work of art in its own right. The fabric has a story, the garment itself and you, by wearing it and completing the tale.


Our Philosiphy

Expressing values to the world

Clothes are a huge part of our existence; helping to regulate our body temperature, some provide safety aspects, they express the role we play in society. They are a huge part of our identity and how we choose to express ourselves. They can also alter our mindset and the way we feel about ourselves.

They also, shouldn’t have to come at the expense of our planet and they don’t have to. It is possible to obtain all of this and still feel consciously wholesome in what we choose to wear.

It is the defining reason for the way Seamstress Philosophy operates. From beginning to end, the person as well as the environment is taken into consideration.

Sourcing material which would otherwise end in landfill. Finding out about companies which are closing down. Reaching out to other seamstress who are de-stashing their existing fabric. Collecting deadstock from designers. There are so many treasures to be found. Sourcing material this way ensures unique apparel which can be thought of as individual art pieces.

We are at our best when we feel comfortable and confident to step out into the world and express who we are. When our apparel truly aligns with our personality the day flows with ease. 


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